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Re: [TCML] 7.5V 52A Filament Transformer for 3CX3000 Needed

On 6/12/09 6:21 PM, "Dr.Hankenstein" <dr.hankenstein@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Normally, filament xfmrs should be chosen to approximate the max load.
> The reasoning behind this is as follows:
> Filament resistance is very low at start up, thus causing heavy inrush
> current that could damage the filament.
> By closely matching the xfmr impedance to the filaments' maximum
> operating  current, the inrush can be greatly reduced, resulting in
> longer filament (and tube)life.

This, along with my desire to build something of high quality, is precisely
why I'd rather not go with the "homebrew" method. I should have prefaced my
original request with the requirement that any replies be related to
commercially built transformers running at their rated input voltages
designed for the specific application mentioned.

Money is always an object, but in this case, I'd rather pay for the proper
transformer and be safe rather than sorry.


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