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Re: [TCML] Tube choice for a VTTC

Recently I heard on this list a powerfull VTTC (several kw) could melt down metal wires by output arcs.

Arc heat or   strong enough output RMS currents  ,what exactly?

Bit OT,but I wanted to ask this  before anyway.



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Subject: Re: [TCML] Tube choice for a VTTC
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David Speck wrote:
> List,
> I've read previously that the best tubes for VTTCs are ones with low 
> Mu's or amplification factors.
> If one were to happen upon a high Mu tube at a good price, is there a 
> way to adapt the VTTC grid or primary circuits to make it work well?
> Would using fewer turns in the grid coil or some sort of resistive 
> voltage divider be sufficient to optimize performance?
> Does the high Mu make it harder for the system to remain stable when the 
> coil is loaded by the streamers?
> Can anyone recommend a good reference book on the design of high power 
> vacuum tube amplifier/oscillator circuits?  Seems all I can find are 
> books on guitar amplifier construction, a little small for my tastes.
> Thanks,

ARRL Radio Amateurs Handbook, especially if you go back a few years or 
decades.  Lots of info on moderately high power tube amplifers (Several 
kW) and their design.  I'd look for copies from the 60s or 70s, maybe up 
into the 80s.  Whatever is cheap.. you're not looking for a collector's 

Check your local library, they'll typically have one from the last few 
years.  They may have an older one they'll give away.

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