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RE: [TCML] Sword like dischare in CW mode, VTTC

Hi John,

Ah yes, the tubes only conduct like a diode. I forgot about that aspect of
the PPS. Out of curiosity, what was the Res Freq of your 7" coil and the
~impedance? Do you remember? I am planning a 6"x24" arcylic with a larger
gauge wire, maybe 22awg, and a aluminum 7" rounded plate top shield/load. 

Thanks as Always,
Jim Mora

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Hi Jim,

When the plate voltage is doubled, the plate current will tend to
double also, if the tank impedance is left unchanged ( assuming
the components can handle this extra power)  This will
cause the system to process four times the power and give
twice the spark length.

If you are refering to the level-shifting (AC doubler) circuit,
this runs the coil at the same 60 PPS rate that it
would run at without the AC doubler.  Sometimes this might burn
up a tube without using staccato, depending on the tube specs, and
the power input.  I suspect that some folks using staccato never
run at 60 PPS.  Many of the staccato boards in use have 30 PPS
as their lowest frequency.  To get 60 PPS, the staccato circuit
needs to be switched off (not just set at the fastest setting).

The staccato mode when set to slower rates can produce the
solitary sword-spark.  This can be seen at my website.  This type
of spark appearance cannot be produced at higher pulse rates.  The 
pulse rates can sometimes produce spikey sword-like sparks, but
multiple sparks will be seen, not a solitary spark.



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