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RE: [TCML] predicting phase shift

Inductance changes as the current through it changes?  I don't think I've ever heard that before.  As most inductors are used in AC circuits and the currents are constantly changing, that would be basically all inductor all the time.  Please clarify?

Judging by the video footage that Finn provided of his predictor operating in a coil, I believe that he did try it.  Exactly what did you do 7 years ago that scooped all other DRSSTC pioneers?  

Gary Lau

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> Any time the current is changing dynamically the inductance also changes
> --- it pure physics and basic E.E., not smoke and mirrors.
> Dan McCauley addressed some of these concerns in his book on Modern
> which he wrote about 3 years ago.
> You will see the light when you try it.  Been there, done that, about 7
> years ago.
> D.C. Cox

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