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Re: [TCML] The Hammertone Predikter

I tried to answer my own question with some spice modelling.

With guesses of the inductance of the 50 turn CT winding, here
is the lead time in uS over a range of frequencies, using a
L-burden of 1uH and R-burden of 0.5 ohms:-


Four CT inductances are modelled.

As the CT inductance goes above about ten times L-burden, the
curve is independent of CT inductance.  For a coil operating
in the region of 30kHz, the lead time varies by +/1uS as the
operating frequency is pulled from 25 to 35kHz.

It might be the case that a more refined burden network could
synthesise a more uniform delay over a wider frequency range.

I think that Finn's report should make some attempt to analyse
the lead time as a function of CT and RL-burden, so that
suitable components can be selected for any operating frequency.
The lead-network is the crux of the circuit, but does not
get much description or analysis.

Perhaps Finn can develop this into a wider-band constant-lead
Paul Nicholson
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