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Re: [TCML] Sangamo and MMC in VTTC

Hi Jim,

For my 36" spark VTTC, I used RF mica caps rated at 8kV, but
I always used them in series for a 16kV rating . Meanwhile the transformer
voltage was about 5kV to 6kV.  There's resonant rise in the tank,
so that has to be allowed for.  I had no failures set up this way.
One time when I tried using a single mica at 8kV rating, it failed
rather quickly (within a few seconds).


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Subject: [TCML] Sangamo and MMC in VTTC

Hi All,

I am scavenging parts for my (4x) 833c 6" coil. I am trying to keep the freq at ~ 350khz. That requires a .003uf or slightly less in my design. I have on hand a Sangamo type G2 (3.125" diameter x 3" high)(dual oval aluminum end
plates) @ .003uf, 12amps, @ 8kv PWKG voltage. Will this stand up to this
abuse?  Sangamo's are getting hard to find.
I wish I had bought 4 several years ago to stack and parallel!


Jim Mora
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