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Re: [TCML] Sudden and unexplained destructive racing spark flashovers

Speaking of spiders is a spider's web a conductive material?
I guess it's not,but who knows.


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> Sounds like a primary to secondary flashover rather than a racing spark.
> The primary should never get to 30 kV above RF ground, ie won't spark 1 
> inch to the coil base although 10 turns up the secondary adds 5kV.  The 
> problem is that a longish wire to RF earth will have a significant drop, 
> so might develop 10kV across it.
> So what was a safe 1.5 inches gap from primary to secondary might have 
> become say 20kV plus 5kv plus 10kV. which will spark 1.25 inches. Get a 
> few cosmic rays and occasionally it will jump this distance if all the 
> voltages align.or if you have a primary strike.
> ... or it could have just been a spider as I think happened to me once - 
> hiding in the black cloth I cover the primary with to prevent light spill 
> from the gap.
> Peter www.tesladownunder.com

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