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Re: [TCML] Ballasting my Homemade Transformer.


On Saturday 02 May 2009 03:32:49 pm Phil Tuck wrote:
> Question 1:
> As a perfect theoretical ballast will have no resistance, is it true to say
> that when using an inductive ballast for my transformer, the only voltage
> drop across the ballast will be caused by the ballast's resistive component
> ?
> In other words if I wind an inductive ballast coil of the correct mH rating
> (using chunky wire on a 4 square inch core so it has low ohm resistance) I
> should get almost full voltage going into the tranny, with little voltage
> drop across the inductive ballast?
With a perfect theoretical ballast and a a perfect theoretical transformer, when 
the transformer's secondary is open all the input voltage is dropped across the 
transformer primary, and none across the ballast. With the transformer's 
secondary shorted, all the voltage drop is across the ballast and none across 
the transformer.
> Question 2:
> There are various inductance calculators around, but they are all for
> air-cored as far as I can see. Anyone know a link to one that caters for a
> laminated core. It will still be a bit of a guess as I don't know the cores
> magnetic specifications, but it will be better than using an air cored
> example. I am trying to avoid the hit and miss method of wind / measure /
> wind / measure etc, as I will be winding onto a bobbin using a lathe.
If you find one, let me know. 


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