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RE: [TCML] "NST" is there a better way

Hi Mitch,

Can I ask where you're located? It's possible you might be able to find a local
coiler with a transformer that they'd be willing to part with for a price
within your reach. Are you, by any chance, anywhere near the Chicagoland area?
I've got a few (?!) spares that I'd be willing to pass on. Obit's, nst's, etc.
Got lots o' mots, but as was mentioned before, probably best to avoid those
until you're a little more comfortable and familiar with their workings.
Contact me off list if you like.

Neal (neal(at)imagesbyneal.com)

> Mitch,
> There are usually lots of Oil Burner ignition transformers on Ebay. They are
> very suitable for small, starter coils. Contact me off list if you can't
> find one.
> Jim Mora

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