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[TCML] Tuning a coil PLEASE HELP

So I've asked for tuning help before and one or two people responded with a link which was somewhat helpful... but now I need to refine some questions

What im asking from the list now is two things, one question and a confirmation on setup...

First, the general question which applies to all tuning setups. The link I was sent to learn to tune the coil can be found here: http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/teslatutorial/MEASUREMENTSPR.htm In this explanation (and any other explanation out there) after you setup everything you are supposed to turn up the frequency on the signal generator until the amplitude on the scope reaches a max. At this max is your resonate frequency. Um........ I'm no electrical engineer but when you change the frequency shouldn't the sine wave get longer and shorter (Freq modulation) not get higher (amplitude modulation)????? What am I doing wrong because when I setup the test and do exactly what they say to do I dont get their results (amplitude modulation) I get frequency modulation as expected....... PLEASE HELP (BIGGEST PROBLEM)

See these links to my server for diagrams of my setup. What I really need is an explanation of physical setup, not schematic.

Secondary self resonance: http://host.atomiklan.com/tesla/scope1.PNG

In this first setup the signal generator has two ports. A 20v and 5v. Which should I use? Also each ports probe has red and black alligator clips. Red goes to base of secondary and black goes where? Is this diagram correct?

Primary self resonance: http://host.atomiklan.com/tesla/scope2.PNG

In this diagram I just think everything is wrong. Can someone please correct my diagrams. Thanks
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