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Re: [TCML] Crackle plate

Hi Grant,
     I believe we have spoken before on this matter, though I may have
you mistaken for somebody else; in any event this is still going to be
a difficult project.  What you are basically wanting to make is a flat
plasma globe.  To do things the proper way you need three pieces of
glass stacked on top of one another, and the middle plate with the
center missing and filled with glass beads.  The plates need to be
welded together and evacuated and backfilled with gas (like krypton or
xenon (if xenon, mixed with a small amout of iodine or perhaps Neon
for a white discharge.)  If you want color, you need to add phosphers
to the glass.  Then you need a HV source, which is the easy part.  You
can seal your glass plates together with Loctite Hysol 1C two part
epoxy, it will hold vacuum indefinantly, but it will also outgas to
some extent, so you are protty much stuck with boring colors.  The
outgassing can be minimised by evacuating, sealing for a few weeks and
running the device, and then re-opening, and re-sealing and keep
repeating this process until all hte excess hardener (or resin
depending on how you mixed) is evaporated, but you will always have a
little outgassing.  Another much more reliable option, but
considerably mor difficult, is to use solder glass, it is basically a
very low melting point glass that will seal in a kiln of about 300
degrees C.  They use it for sealing CRTs for TVs, and some use it for
Plasma sculptures as well, like Ed Kirshner.  I do not have a viable
formula for you, but I have had promising results with Borax based
compounds (Sodium borate.)  Possible try some lead oxide and silica
obviously.  Once you canstruct a viable chamber the project is easy,
but unless you have access to a kiln, you are sunk unless are willing
to settle for less than ideal discharge from epoxy fumes.  In any
event, If you decide to attempt this project, I will lend whatever
assistance I can.  Good luck, and keep us apprised of your progress.

Scott Bogard.

On 5/6/09, Grant Visser <freeekyg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Does anyone have any links, documents, articles, or advice on how to make a
> crackle plate/lumidisk/plasma plate?
> Best regards
> Grant
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