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[TCML] Commercial supplier of Plasma Plates / Lumindisk's

Hi all,

I am awaiting a reply from Strattman but time is critical so I am using
every resource available to me, thus my request to the list which I hope is
going to be allowed.

I am having difficulty finding a commercial and reliable supplier of these
units as it seems that a lot of US based companies cannot ship outside of
the USA.

So if anyone knows any source for the disks anywhere else in the world
PLEASE let me know soonest!

I have a client who is needing about 8 12" units and 50 or 60 small units
(3" or thereabouts), all battery operated standalone.

Problem is that I would have to land them here in South Africa within 10 to
12 days so any help from anyone would be most appreciated.

Very best regards
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