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Re: [TCML] Brent Turner Playing "Thor" on History Channel

I conclude from conversation in:
that D.Stampe knows very little about what she was doing and what was going on.
She is a professional stunt performer I think only becouse she is instructed what to do and what not to.
And Criss Angel seems to be completely ignorant about such things.He said  he wanted to know how it "feels  be struck by real lightning".Hahaha.Well,some folks say 'God saves children,drunks,and fools'.Don't wear that protective suit Chris at all.Maybe than you will find out how it feels like :)


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There are tons of sound stages in Southern California where a coil of 
Brent's size could be run. The answer is insurance... Brent doesn't have 
insurance and that is why production companies are especially careful when 
filming stuff he does. Several years ago Ripleys Believe it or Not set up 
cameras so far away that the arcs couldn't be seen with the long lenses and 
had to be drawn in.

Safety: When Brent does it, it is safe... When anybody else does it (even 
with Brent's gear as Danielle Stampe proved on Wild West Tech when she took 
an accidental head arc on camera) it is not so safe IMO.

Another example of "not so safe" would be Criss Angel's accident on camera 
when his shark suit leg separated from his bootie. His crew didn't want to 
pay our rental charges and taped together a real shark suit. Criss now uses 
us for all his Tesla coil stunts (Cirque du Soliel Believe in Las Vegas) and 
bought his suit from a company that "certified" it (whatever that means).


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> John,
> Not sure if you can be too safe when you're doing this trick!  I also 
> think
> that part of the reason they ran the setup in the desert is so that they
> could do long runs without disturbing the peace.  If you've every tried to

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