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Re: [TCML] Brent Turner Playing "Thor" on History Channel

Dex Dexter wrote:

Why Danielle Stampe doesn't drop dead when the arc from her "arm" strikes ground?


I neither know nor particularly care. I suspect it's unlikely you spend significant time hanging out with Danielle or Criss on a casual basis. Therefore, any observations you make are of how they behave in a public setting where they are basically "at work" or in the context of interviews where they are advertising their product.

It's not unusual for a performer's public persona to be quite at variance with their actual self. For instance, I know people who can only sing in public when playing a role, but not as them self.

If you have a saleable public persona as, say, Barbie the bubble head, then it doesn't do you much good to gain notoriety as the author of the seminal work on string theory and it's application to deep space communications. This is partly what stage names are all about.
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