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Re: [TCML] Electric Drums

James - ooops - I mean ALL,

Hopefully you mean "definitely around you"..  ;-)

The sticks are Easton brand and made from aluminum. I've used then for years in my professional career because they last longer than oak or hickory sticks (I was going through a box a week when on tour). The boys from the Black Eyed Peas came by the shop earlier this month to see the performance work we've been cultivating lately. Very cool, down to Earth and easy to talk to guys... Hopefully you'll all get a chance to see some of the work were doing. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel and Tesla Universe for more video.


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Jeff, that is too cool. I love the arc hitting the sticks. I'm working
on a platform to sit on and let a few arcs go through me (well, maybe
around me). The best spark my Maggie has done (so far) is 22' on 80-90A.
I would guess that Dave M's coil was at 22-25' or so. We ran em a couple
years ago in Sarasota. I'll have to get a bigger pole xmfr. I obviously
need MO POWER. James

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Personally, I've only made 22' arcs. I'll leave the "who has the
biggest" thread to Greg and Bill.

Here is what I have been up to lately:


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