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[TCML] 1256D Variac

Hi Tyler,


It occurred to me that the Superior 1256 is rated at 28amps. So 28*
240=6720VA. You will need 2 on a common shaft to run up to 12KVA. They can
take a bit more the 28amps but not that much!. Stacking two 1256's likes to
have a balancing choke. Check the archives on construction of one of these
from a small variac unless you get lucky and find a dual with a choke. Pig
coiling ain't cheap!



Jim Mora


I aquired all my stuff over time. I am just getting ready for first light.
Be sure you look at control cabinets and a BIG contactor say an Allen
Bradley Nema 5 for your needs. Also Ebay. Just check the contacts which can
be replaced. All the power going out goes through the contactor and you do
not want it to weld connected!!! A fused safety switch rated at 20HP or 60
amps is about 14400VA is also required if the contactor should fail closed
or the transformer has a fault or some other High Power failure occurs.


Jim Mora

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