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Re: [TCML] Secondary freq w/ scope (discussion continuing) Thank you!!

Many thanks for the pointers to help!
I really appreciate it. 
[We can close down this branch off the topic now.]
Terry, at some point, I want to buy you a drink ... 
-- thanks again, all...
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bartb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Yes, I  second that. I also built a TCT way back when. It's a straight  

Lau,  Gary wrote:
> You can make a dandy "Tesla Coil Tuner", designed by Terry  Fritz, out of 
a single CMOS 555 > 
Plans/documentation is at  
>  Regards, Gary Lau
Dave -
Please see my communications (below) with another TCML member regarding  
"tuning" a TC with O'scope, signal generator and digital frequency meter.
First, see:
for the physical test setups.
However, rather than trying to build an RF signal generator, a much simpler 
 approach may be to build Terry Fritz' "Tesla Coil Tuner", a very simple 
(10  parts) "resonance detector".
For derails, see: 
_http://classictesla.com/hot-streamer/TeslaCoils/Misc/TCT/TCT.doc_ (http://classictesla.com/hot-streamer/TeslaCoils/Misc/TCT/TCT.doc) 
Herr Zapp
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>> I've got  an oscilloscope and a secondary, but I do -not- have a signal
>>  generator.
>> However, I think building up a signal  generator with a 555 timer and a
>> breadboard is very straightforward.  I can sweep it across quite a  
range of
>> frequencies with a  potentiometer, and get a pretty good idea of the  
>>  with the scope.
>> All help appreciated, believe  me.
>> Thanks,
>>  Dave
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