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Re: [TCML] New IP, new speed

Hi Steve.

Thanks!  I think paypal just uses chip@xxxxxxxxxxx

I'm always open to donations but usually the big pushes are when things
break and need replacing.  So far the transition was nearly painless with
the only difficulty being in how to navigate my registrar's UI.

Yes, definitely a big thanks to the moderators.  they not only provide the
labor of reading and approving postings but provide other reasoned
opinions when dealing with sticky subjects and situations.


On Fri, 16 Oct 2009, steve date wrote:

> Hi Chip,
> Excellent work on the "inter-workings" of the list (as usual).
> Every once in a while someone asks if you have a Paypal and/or mailing 
> address for donations to keep the list up and running.
> Well, it's been a few years since I helped out and I think it's a good 
> time to ask again in case the old paypal and mailing address have 
> changed since 12/2007 (the last I have on record).
> If you wouldn't mind sending the info again......... I'm sure there are 
> others besides me that might want to spring with a few bucks to keep the 
> "ones and zeros" flowing.     :-)
> Also, a BIG thanks to the moderators... past and present !
> Thanks
> steve - seattle
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