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Re: [TCML] welder for a ballast........

David -

12" plus arcs wouldn't seem to be very impressive output for a system pulling 60-70 Amps input power .......

Did you mean 12' arcs?

Herr Zapp

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Thanks !!! ,,,I didnt think it would heat up so quickly, even with lots of airflow. I was just gonna run it off & on for da tricks or treaters.....

Now, how much overload can my 10kva take ? (thats like 42 amp ,24/7 ? ) It should handle double that a minute or two at a time,..maybe more ? but seems to pullin' 60-70 amp with the welder on max,...and thats enough :-) Im on a 50amp breaker, but never tripped it..

yea,..i could back off the welder,...but i love thoese white, thick, 12" plus arcs !

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