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Re: [TCML] Tesla coil with 125kV, 600ma primary transformer.. is it worth doing it ?

Hey Simonas...

The coil I run has up to 32KVAC applied to the primary and the issues I had to solve were....

Capacitors... I use 4 50KV units in series for 200KV total... ( I used to have 5 in series for 250KV but one died) Wire insulation... presently I use a Silicon covered #6 and 8 multistranded wire rated for 50KV Primary support consists of Hi Density Polyethylene components from Conveyer belts Primary feed consists of ceramic and HDPE thru hole insulators which keep the source voltage from arcing to the main platform Primary to secondary distance is about 2 inches and sometimes that is even too close... The primary is 3/8" copper tube with 1/2" spaces between winds... occasionally I still get turn to turn arcing during full power runs. SRSG... once the arc occurs, the length of arc can go as far as 1.25" for each side of the conductors... it runs from the tip of the tungsten down to the copper ring on the disc, on full power runs it can even arc to the copper ring before the electrode comes into near vacinity
of the stationary electrodes.

The main issues I see with 125KVac are:

capacitor requirements  ( 300KV+)
primary form  ( 1"? spacing between turns minimum?)
spark gap quenching  ( Sulfer HexaFloride gas enviroment??)

and at 125KV I dont think anything is an insulator except distance ( like 2 feet or better ;) ) and if you go DC that adds on another 1.41 multiplier to the voltage ( if my math is correct)

Definately a challenge to build if I ever saw one... thats why I stayed below 50 KV with my coil

Scot D

rasim@xxxxxxxx wrote:


It is three phase unit, so I think DC ASRSG coil design should be used.
I've got opportunity to acquire such transformer and have been wondering about all the problems associated with having such a high voltage in the primary circuit - requirements for capacitors, arcing issues (what should the rotary size be for example to assure sufficient quenching), building primary inductor (choke) for such voltage, etc. I've already have some 40kV rated capacitors and diodes, but still, having built only 10kV, 10kva coil previously, this looks a bit challenging :)

So I just wanted to hear some opinions about the subject and maybe experiences with such high primary voltage.


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