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[TCML] RE: GPO-3 Scrap Pieces

Regarding the scrap GPO-3 pieces - we have a couple of boxes that have
pieces of thicknesses - 1/32, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and possibly a couple of 1/2 in
pieces.  There were 3 pieces of angle approx. 1-1/2 legs x 1/4 thick (we may
have more though).  Please note that we are selling the entire lot and will
not be breaking them down due to time constraints.  I will be glad to take
some pictures and post them on our website along with the box dimensions and
weight.  I will post to the list when we have them up there.





To all,


Would anyone have a need for GPO-3 Scrap Pieces?  Typical sizes range from
approx. 1.5" to about 6" - square, rectangular (some are larger), etc.
There's even a couple of GPO-3 angles in with it.  If so, please contact me
off list.  I am not planning on putting these on Ebay.  If no one contacts
me in the next couple of days - they go to the trash.  If anyone is
interested, I'll get a weight and shipping estimate to your zip code, and
let you know how much we'll need for packaging them (depending on how much
and the sizes, it would most likely be on the order of $5 - $10).


Thank you and best regards,


David L. McKinnon


David L. McKinnon, President

D&M's High Voltage, Inc.

P.O. Box 24002

Tampa, FL 33623

Ph: 813-784-8165

Fax: 727-536-1790

Email: Sales@xxxxxxxxx


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