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Re: [TCML] Need new cap(s) for my coil

Hi Brandon

Capacitors add in parallel and divide in series. To get 0.015uF at 40,000V you 
would need 16. Four parallel strings of four in series. At $10 a shot that 
would be $160. The problem is these are "METALLIZED POLYESTER" which heats up 
at high frequency, and the  metallized film will evaporate around the 
connections at high power levels. It is best to stick with capacitors that are 
known to work well in Tesla coil service. The famous CD 942C20P15K for example. 
A single series string of 10 of these capacitors, though under rated at 20kV, 
would last much longer than the caps you were looking at, and could likely be 
had for ~$50 including shipping. Two strings of 20 caps each would provide the 
same capacitance value in a "bulletproof" 40kV rating for, say, $200 
(considering the cost including shipping is around $5/pc, they sometimes show 
up on the list for ~$3) , which is a much better value in the long run.


On Saturday 24 October 2009 01:05:39 pm Brandon Hendershot wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running a 15/30 NST. the recommended capacitor farad rating for that is
> 0.015uF. I've found this capacitor; 0.015uF 10,000V Film Capacitor
> (http://www.tedss.com/MPE11H-.015-10000-10/). Could I wire 4 of these in
> series to get a total voltage rating of 40,000V ( 2.6 times the NST output
> voltage) and still have a 0.015uF capacitance rating? Thanks,
> Brandon
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