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[TCML] First Light, MOTs, etc.

I'm finally coiling again.  Nothing spectacular.  Just a generic spark gap coil.  Still, it gives me something to tinker with until I can get my pole pig system put back together.  I'm running a kilowatt of NSTs at the moment, but I eventually plan to step up to twin-MOT power.


BTW, I finally inventoried my MOT stash, and I came up with 39 serviceable units.  I measured the core dimensions, sorted them by orientation (vertical or horizontal) and also measured primary and secondary resistance and inductance as an aid to electrically matching them up.  I came up with two pairs of twins, as well as a group of six that seem to be just alike.  Now I just need to figure out how to use all that power.  I don't need no stinking IGBTs--I've got 200 pounds of MOTs!


Gregory R. Hunter

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