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[TCML] RSG finally being finished. Check out the amazing results.

At a friends B-Day party last week I re-met my old neighbor. We never really talked much except the friendly hello. Turns out he works in a machine shop and offered to do some work for me for FREE. Story is already amazing. Anyways, when I get there, im expecting the traditional machine shop that im used to... Junky, oily, very dirty, and just a total mess. Turns out he failed to mention his shop consists of only four state of the art CNC machines!!!!!!! He asked me today before we started if .0001 was close enough. HAHAHAHA Check out the video I took today in the shop of the stationary electrodes being manufactured. (See below for the list of links) Sorry, no sound. Very loud process. The pictures are the of everything so far. Still have to go back again soon to mill the G10 disc and cut the tungsten rods in the pictures. Cant wait to give this baby a test run. So when we were finishing up I asked how much something like this normally would cost. Assuming you come with solidworks diagrams ready... to setup the machine, program it, materials, and time. Tonight would have cost me $6,000 wowowowowoweeee... We called it even when I ordered the pizza. ME = :-)



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