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[TCML] X-ray Transformer for sale

Hi All,


I have a GE 600ma 150KV x-ray transformer for sale. I paid over $400 I think
$475 from Neon Jack. I'll take $350 for her. I lifted the core out with a
hoist some time ago (like at least a year) and removed the diodes and set it
up for AC Jacob's ladder. It was carefully re-submerged within a half hour.
I am sure there is no air in the transformer by now as it sits near the
bottom of the tank. The oil looks amber and is very clear. It is about the
size of a 55 gallon drum, but is fatter and less high. It has two sets of
standard federal females on top (two are connected directly to the HV) and
the 240 input is clearly marked.


I'll take it to a depot for prepaid shipping, gas, and a pallet. We would
want one that doesn't require draining the oil, as it is expensive.


I would prefer a So Cal pickup.


This is only for sale as I need some cash. It's a very nice transformer! 



Jim Mora

Ojai, Ca.

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