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RE: [TCML] SSTC PlasmaSonic Board HELP!!!


I have a working Plasmasonic board that I built, it's a good learning tool to get you familiar with the type of electronics that you would use in a DRSSTC.  I to am considering building a DRSSTC with a spare plasmasonic board myself,  The only portion of the board useful is the full wave bridge section.  You'll need IGBTs instead of MOSFETs and add overvoltage protection components as well.  The driver section is not useful for a DRSSTC imho,  you'll need a separate driver board.  If you check on Dan's site there are schematics for some of his first DRSSTCs, there should be a manual for the Plasmasonic circuit.

>From what you said in your message, it doesn't sound like you're familiar enough with this type of circuit to build one as they are fairly complex.  I haven't built one yet but maybe soon.  Why don't you try building the Plasmasonic board to get a feel for solid state.

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