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Re: [TCML] Interrupter Question


Perhaps the modulator is working ok and I misunderstood what I should be
seeing, perhaps my IGBTs just cannot handle what I am trying do with them, I
am using the FGA40N60UFD which is supposed to be a replacement for the
HGT40N60 block but in a TO247 style case. I do have a couple of the powerex
CM300 modules and maybe it would be worthwhile to make up a board and change
over to those, I guess I just wanted the cheapos to work for this 9 inch
coil but maybe it is just not in the cards. The longest spark I was able to
get was about 18" or maybe 2' to grounded rod but it was not long after that
before I lost a 20 amp rectifier in the doubler circuit so I can only run
the coil right now for less than a minute before the rectifier on the
positive rail gives way.  Seems like when I adjust the interrupter for the
longest spark that is when the rectifier gives way, in short spurts it
handles it but not if I try to run it for a minute or longer. 



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