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Re: [TCML] Re:Interrupter Question



I found the problem, it was in the interrupter I ended up changing a
capacitor to larger value and now I am able to sweep the whole range, when I
put the scope on it I was only able to keep the pulse out too 100uS when the
coil was off when I turn the coil on it went down to 96us and I should have
been able to get to 250uS well after a changing out a cap to a larger value
the interrupter now puts out I was looking for and I am getting plenty of
spark, I was running it in my basement and there really is not enough room
to get a spark measurement but I did measure 4 feet before it was stopped by
striking some conduit, so I will need to take it outside to get a good
measurement but I am suspecting it will be between 6 and 7 feet which is
what I was hoping for. However I do need to change the wimpy rectifiers I am
using in the doubler circuit they do not like this one bit and I kind of
knew they would complain but you use what you got. So looks like problem
solved.  Thanks for the input.



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