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RE: [TCML] Microwave caps

> I believe he's referring to the fact that these caps will
> definitely handle more than they're rated for. Not that I
> would (or would be allowed to) exceed their voltage ratings
> by much. I read on the 4hv site link that his MWO cap was
> rated for 1700 v, but failed after repeated firings at
> 10,000. However, like I said,  I don't think I'd like to
> tempt fate with these things.

Here are two links to specifications for these caps.



Note that they are rated for 9 KV DC test voltage.  10 KV is a bit above
the rated test voltage, so a failure is not surprising.  Also, note that
the dissipation factor is 0.0035 which will likely get worse as the
frequency rises.  High current pulse duty will undoubtedly cause failure
at high voltage levels.

They do work very well at 4000 volts.  I am using them in a 1 KW RF
power amplifier that I built.  Remember that they are designed to work
for years in a piece of consumer equipment under all sorts of nasty
voltage spikes from the AC line without failing.  That are pretty robust


Ralph   W5JGV - WD2XSH/7

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