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Re: [TCML] reply to: nst plus asynch rotary gap, good? bad?

mike osipowicz wrote:
This is a reply to Jim Mora and Gary Lau, thanks for the reply's. I am going to run it at about 170 BPS, not 120 so it is a bit easier on the NST, I will have it on a dimmer so I can slow it down just a tad if needed. so correct me if I'm wrong, but 1700 rpms, with 8 rotary and 2 stationary electrodes would give me 170 BPS. If I do end up killing my NST, there are plenty of MOT's waiting for me at the dump... hopefully I will not have to go through that whole process. I am going to use some plastic from a cutting board, but I am not sure what size disc to use, my motor is rather large, so it wont loose a lot of RPM's no matter what size, but what do you recommend?
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Hi Mike

You dont want to use polypro or any equivelent of that material. As everyone else stated, it melts! Heres an example of a SRSG with a poor choice of material. BEFORE... http://host.teslamad.com/before.jpg and AFTER... http://host.teslamad.com/after.jpg See the washers under the electrodes on the disc in the first pic? Now you see the washers... Now you dont. I promise you they're still there, they're just embedded in the plastic now completely hidden. You want to look for a material called G10 or G11. Do a google search for it or check out this company http://www.electricalinsulationmaterial.com/ Its not very cheap, but you'll thank me in the long run!

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