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[TCML] primary-secondary tuning

I am coming along nicely with the design of my TC, and am using WinTesla to help with the calculations.


One thing I am not sure of is how the secondary KHz and topload capacitance relates to the tank capacitor/sg and where to tap the primary.


Numbers given to me on WinTesla's secondary coil (which I already made) are:

Frequency: 430.78 KHz

1/4 wave: 571.21 ft

Frequency: 230.61 KHz  (why does it list frequency twice?  is this the 1/4 wave freq?)

w/Topload C of: 17.67 pf


so - how do those numbers (or which of them) tell me what the resonant frequency should be for the primary?   

I am choosing a flat archemidies spiral from 1/4" copper tubing but want to know what length/spacing I will need and where abouts to tap it - so that I can get it in tune without an oscilliscope.  Some easier to understand way of plugging in the numbers and getting out whatever the matching frequency should be to resonate with the secondary.


I will be running it off a 15kv/30ma NST, so it sounds like i will need about 30kv for the tank cap, right?  How much does the microfarad rating of the tank cap have to do with the primary frequency, as compared to the spark gap length?   I don't have an oscilliscope so I want to get the numbers right for best performance.


And since radio shack has discontinued their power conditioners (to prevent backfeed into your house) does anyone else know where to get them?  the NST as you can tell runs at 450 watts max so .. like a reverse surge protector?  protects from surges coming into the appliance as opposed to out from the wall socket


Brian Hall 

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