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RE: [TCML] My Hemisphere/Toroid with Unconnected Top Sphere results

Hello Shannon,

That does indeed sound very similar.   The most significant differences however, being my main topload 11" diam. hemisphere with underside sphere is larger than the unconnected top 6" sphere.  So I think that allows my top sphere to occasionally break out.   But it does seem to collect and put energy back into the system magnified.  

As I just posted earlier in this thread about finding a "collar" (coil of wire interconnecting the top sphere with the hemisphere underneath) and that way getting much the same results as when the 6" sphere was unconnected, I'm going to treat this in some ways as a "magnifier" situation and try some different coils / windings and a wire between as well. 

Thank you for posting about your experience, definitely is a performance improver, this thing we stumbled onto.   


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Hi Peter

I think I know what you're seeing here. 
I stumbled upon something similar a while back and found it to make pretty dramatic effects, more so than typical haphazard streamers chaotic leaping about. 

What I did was place a vase (glass tube about 12" long with a flat base) on top of my 12" topload sphere (its an IKEA, so it has a small flat spot on the top...convenient for testing different breakout points) and on the top end of the vase I placed a 16" sphere.
All of the arching from the topload are pulled to this insulated sphere, and the arching is much more intense than normal. The color and feel of the arching is totally different. Strangely, The larger sphere doesn't appear to charge up. It seems that it would act a bit like a VDG in that it would store up a charge and hold it after the coil is turned off, but it doesn't. 
Anyway, the discharges are impressive and overall it is a cool phenomenon to behold. 

Ever try running a wire from your coil?
You can make shapes with the wire and charge them up with a bright purple discharge all along the wire. Put those old glass insulators to good use...
You will have to retune your coil to deal with the extra capacitance, but it is another fun phenomenon to experiment with. 

Shannon Weinhold

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