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Re: [TCML] My Hemisphere/Toroid with Unconnected Top Sphere results

Hi Drake,

The max length of a steamer for a unit is based on the power in watts.  I am finding, and continue to reiterate, that with the sphere on top of the hemisphere, either unconnected or through those coils I have shown, is most definitely magnifying the output in streamer length I was getting. My thoughts on this is it is somehow collecting potential and injecting it back into the hemisphere/toroid wherebye I get longer streamers.   It's extremely noticable result.  I've taken video of these observations throughout.  If I remove the top sphere or connect it directly (metal to metal) with the secondary,  no amount of tuning gets the same result.  


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Subject: Re: Re: [TCML] My Hemisphere/Toroid with Unconnected Top Sphere  results
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Peter- I am a novice myself but I think that you are confusing some physics terminology.  Power=watts=joules/second (i think).  Your coil is going to be emitting the same amount of power regardless of what you use as a topload.  Someone please step in if I'm confused but I think that an out of tune coil merely emits more energy as RF rather than streamers.  Also, any sort of tertiary coil is actually wasting energy.  It is good that you are experimenting, however.  Like Bart said it is better to make measurements that you can analyze rather than making wild speculations based on observations alone.


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