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[TCML] Re: X-Ray Machine Wanted

Check with a couple of dentists in your area and find out who does the 
calibrations and maintenance on their machines and contact that company. I 
have a good friend who calibrates, sells and maintains them and he has 
offered me some of the old stuff he has upgraded just to get it out of his 
storage area.  Stuff tends to accumulate...sorry that was wasted on this 
Russell at the Cape, 

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Hello All:

I am working on a project where phase 2 will require a dental x-ray 
machine. The
original set-up used a 1927 G.E. dental x-ray machine. Does anyone have a
working unit for sale or know of a source?

Please call or email me at:



John F. Cooper III
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
(949) 701-0005 - cell
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