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Re: [TCML] My Hemisphere/Toroid with Unconnected Top Sphere results

Interesting situation.  As Bart says, the change in C and Fr
is small.   The floating sphere must be modifying the field
distribution such that streamer formation is encouraged.

> If I remove the top sphere or connect it directly (metal to metal)
> with the secondary

The tuning adjustments reported suggest that the floating sphere is
behaving rather differently than the connected sphere.  The capacitance
calculations refer to a connected sphere only, in which the sphere is
at the same potential as the topload.  Without the connection, the
sphere will float to its own potential - a capacitive divider is formed
and the overall field around the topload/sphere will be different.

This looks like a situation that can be modelled.
Paul Nicholson

Sounds great Paul - would not mind hearing some more on the modelling part,
as this is not something I have been able to find information on.... 


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