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Re: [TCML] pulse caps for large DRSSTC


So you _do_ acknowledge the benefit, and need, to distribute the charge over multiple separate sections. Since there is consensus on this point, all we need to determine now, is the point of diminishing returns with regard to sectioning.

My own DRSSTC, the "Thumper", (with the novel "Predikter" driver circuitry) is a well documented coil. And although it is not record setting (Aron Koscho did that a while ago), it is currently the most powerful coil of it´s kind.
It uses 100 pcs. of Cornell Dubilier 940 series 1.5µF, 1600VDC caps.
It has been pushed to 5000Apri, and to no ill effect.

The cost of this cap was about 800USD.

It would be nice if you would inform this list in some detail, about the caps you talk about. Pricing, internal sectioning, manufacturer, Peak current handling as well as RMS current handling.

These specs are readily available from CD, and this is no doubt the reason for their success.
We get, not only what we pay for, but also what we design to.

Cheers, Finn Hammer

DC Cox skrev:

They are comprised of series sections and parallel sections to spread out
the thermal load over a large area.

Dr. Resonance

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