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[TCML] Power supply question

A casual friend of mine, knowing my interests, gave me a neon power supply he didn't need any more. It's a Ventex Generation III, rated at 9KV at 60 mA. I am wondering if it some kind of solid state device unsuitable for coils?

It is marked:

Input 120V 1.8A 50/60 MHz
High power factor 0.98
Output- Self Adjusting
For Line and Load 1-9 kV, 60 mA
. . .
Do not mid point ground the load. Complies with secondary ground fault protection requirements in UL 2161
. . .
Do not connect any part of the output to any grounded metal.

This was a freebie, but I get the feeling it isn't of any use except to light up neon.


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