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[TCML] Bleed resistor values, grounding points, nst protection

How does one calculate a good bleed resistor Ohm and Wattage rating for each cap in an MMC?
Let's say for example, connected to the 15/30 NST, I have 20 caps, each one 2000 volts and .22 uf, all in series (for 40kv @ .011 uf total)
Is there some kind of equation that I can plug those numbers into, to get the right value for the bleed resistor between the leads of each cap in the MMC?  Does SG size get involved?
Also, for items that need to be RF grounded to a metal pole in the dirt
-case of a 15/30 NST
-secondary coil
-backflow protection for the NST, gaps to over-arc to a ground point instead of blowing out an NST leg (I think it's called a Terry filter?)
Should I also ground the strike rail?  (also is there an equation for how wide the gap in the strike rail end points should be, and how high above /what radius gap should be, between the outermost turn of a flat spiral primary and the strike rail?)
And can all the above be grounded to the same earth point?  Or should separate ground points be used on .. which items?

Brian Hall 

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