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Hi John,

Hey, any chance you could show the inside burned area? There are lots of new coilers on the TCML and I think a photo of this particular case might help coilers understand what can happen (and how to prevent it).

Take care,

John Forcina wrote:
Hi all,
Tonight i did a 1st light on my new DRSSTC.  It uses a full bridge of
CM300DY-24H igbt's and a .6uf MMC.  Secondary specs are 12"x48" wound with
24G double build wire.  Fo is around 45khz with the toploads.

Everything was going according to plan until all of a sudden i started
getting turn to turn arcs on the secondary.  It turned out that i had the
secondary ground wire sticking up near the secondary and it arced through
the cardboard causing lots of carbon traces.  It may be able to be saved and
if anybody has any suggestions on how to fix it then let me know.  Other
then that everything was successful and right before the flashovers i
started getting some 8' ground strikes at around 60% input power.  Here is a
video.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTt9uBsdL6g&feature=channel_page
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