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Re: [TCML] Isolation Transformers / 1:1 Transformers

Regarding eBay... thank you, yes that is where I started looking (in addition to hunting around the web as well - and still looking).   Unfortunately in all cases I find a lot of fairly higher priced iso. trans units with ratings much below 8AMP and below 900 Watt, and the basic 1:1 transformers in the 8AMP range and up are also fairly high priced (when one is keeping track of budget especially).   That seems to be the stickler.    Perhaps is a matter of keep on trying.   If anyone has had good success with one they are using and would not mind "telling" the source, etc., would most appreciate the input.  

Regarding purpose / usage of iso. trans, see for example here:
"R.F. interference may leak into the data traffic of DMX based equipment and cause cosmetic malfunction. Adding standard R.F. suppression devices in the form of line filters, opto-isolators and isolation transformers usually eliminates these malfunctions"

RFI filters alone seem not to be the whole answer.


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