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[TCML] More stuff for sale!

Hey everybody, its been a VERY long time since I've been on here or have played with my coils any. I'm moving soon, and am getting rid of all the goodies i haven't used. Links to pictures posted below, there are two pages of pics labeled. All these parts came out of working, used microwave ovens i bought from a second-hand store. I tested each of the microwaves before i dissected them , and they were all in working order. I have three10lbs trannies for $10ea and two 9lbs trannies for $9ea. i also have 8 microwave caps for $7ea... and 5 magnetrons for $10ea for you mad scientists out there. I have an old plastic spool of 28awg magnet wire. I've forgotten how much wire was on it, but combined spool-and-wire weighs 8lbs. oh yeah, and i have 5 diodes from the microwaves, $5 for the lot. Shipping is extra, of course. First come, first serve policy, so please don't get mad at me if someone else has already bought what you wanted. Please contact me
 off-list for sales or inquiries.
Thanks in advance, 


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