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Re: [TCML] Amazing lightning photo...

Yes,the uncompleted streamer/leader.There is also another one,very long and unconnected too in the left side of the photo.
If you take a closer look.
And how extremely thick and bright is the bottom part of the channel,corresponding to the lenght of counterpropagating leader which meets lightning leader.
That one is about 40 meters long.


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Subject: Re: [TCML] Amazing lightning photo...
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 11:15:04 -0600

Awesome photo! I love taking pics of lightning. Is that a uncompleted streamer on the left or just a reflection in the cameras lense? It's very interesting. 



On 2009-09-29 11:11:21 -0600 Dex Dexter <dexterlabs@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> ...with lot of interesting details:
> http://ljeto.net.hr/2009/07/24/0402007.39.jpg
> Dex

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