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Re: [TCML] New (er, rebuild) Project


Just wanted to share my personal experience with the
red electrical grade fiberglas (G-3, I suppose?). Although
it is quite easy to machine and holds flying electrodes
quite nicely, the one thing that I did not like about it as
opposed to G-10 Garolite is that it did not tap out too
well and the resultant threads would easily strip out
(referring to the the threaded holes for the setscrews
on the outter periphry of the flying disc, to hold the flying
electrodes securely in place in their respective holes). G-10
does not strip out nearly as badly in this application as does
the G-3.

David Rieben

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Thanks Steve. The exact same 12x12x3/8 is now $18.95. I was surprised when I got home yesterday; McMaster-Carr has a warehouse in Atlanta and I got it the same day I placed the order.

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There are less expensive alternatives to G10 which are just as good, in my
opinion.  My RSG rotors are made of GP03 which is an electrical grade
fiberglass.  A few years ago a 12 x 12 x 3/8 inch sheet cost less than $10
from McMaster-Carr (part number 8549K372).  It machines well and is rated
for use up to 400 degrees F.

Steve Y.

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