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Re: [TCML] Re: Dummy load for optimum cap size Experimentation


Maybe you mentioned this already, but are you using an SRSG, or
a static gap.  I'd think an SRSG would give a reasonably steady
power draw.  (or are you specifically looking for the best cap value for a 
static gap setup?)  

Seems in general there should be some circuit available to integrate
the photocell output over a specific time period to even out the chaos.
You may have to shield the circuits as you said to stop the RF 

Analog meters might work better than digital ones in general since the needle inertia
is somewhat self-integrating.  You may not need absolute precision (steadiness) for all this,
just enough that you can see which cap size is best.  



I tried monitoring the lamp brightness using a photocell.  Previously I just

applied Variac'ed AC to the bulbs to test the photocell response.  Today I

hooked up the actual spark gap and capacitor to an NST.  Just as I feared,

the chaotic gap behavior resulted in extremely erratic resistance readings.

Useless.  I tried placing a big cap across the photocell terminals, but that

didn't work.  Back to monitoring the bulb temperature with a thermocouple.


Regards, Gary Lau



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