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RE: [TCML] Looking for decent LCR meter - ideas?

 Look on ebay, I picked up a Sencore LC53 LC analyzer for just under $200.
The nice thing about these meters is they will measure the ESR as well as
leakage up to 600 volts. The also work really well on coils not only for
measuring the inductance but also to locate faulty coils, the ringing test
the meter has is quite accurate, I have used it on flybacks and secondary
coils and even 1 shorted turn will be found. 

These meters have been selling on ebay anywhere from around $200 to over
$500, so any of the Sencore LC model meters are very nice meters.

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I got the 37XR-A from Amazon stores. I have not unpacked it yet, but I
understood from the Tesla coil mailing list that it was good. 

Godfrey Loudner

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