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Re: [TCML] MMC Caps


There is nothing "wrong" with the 940C caps, look at the data sheet,
understand the specs.  You most certainly can use the 940C caps (i do), but
they cant handle as much current as the 942C's, and most of the MMC "design"
guides i see are honestly stressing the caps well beyond the data sheet
specs in terms of voltage, and possibly current, since i dont think many
people bother to even calculate that.  So while not exactly interchangeable
with the 942's, the 940's do work fine for TCs, you may just need to use
more of them in parallel to handle the peak current.  Sometimes (if you work
out the design details) the 940C caps are more economical.  For most popular
single-NST systems, the single string of 942C caps will be *just* enough to
survive the whole hour of run-time that most are after, while a single
string of 940C caps of similar V and C ratings will not, hence they got on
the bad list.

I just get particularly annoyed by the lack of scientific reasoning on the
list sometimes.  Just because someone had their caps fail, doesnt mean the
capacitors were at fault/unusable, check their design and i almost guarantee
it was stressing the capacitors well beyond their ratings... its not some

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