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[TCML] TeslaFest 2010

TeslaFest 2010 (aka Midwest Cheesehead Teslathon) will commence Sat. Sept.
4th, 12 noon to 11 PM.  If you have a coil to set up please come early, like
10:30 - 11 AM to set up.  Sodas all day and food served around 4-7 PM.

On Fri, Sept. 3rd I'm also having a gigantic "clean out the back storeroom"
giveaway.  Lots of free goodies including caps, coilforms, complete wound
coils, power supplies, a few toroid with small dents, MMC caps soldered in a
holder matrix, a 75 kV DC pos power supply, and a 75 kV neg DC power supply
--- you need a truck for these as they weigh approx 315 lbs each --- in a
large oil filled tank --- nice to charge a Marx generator.  About 30 neon
sign transformers --- all different currents and voltages.

This giveaway will commence around 1 PM on Fri and wrap up at 4 PM sharp,
prior to the Tesla Fest.  Only on Fri as we need to lock up backroom with

Several pole xmfrs available for $150 each --- we can load with forklift on
Fri only.  All 10 kVA  14.4 k units.

Dr. Resonance
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