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[TCML] Running at 15/120

Running JavaTC, upgrading from 15/90 to 15/120 went according to the numbers.  Everything predictable and smooth.
I have increased the tank cap from 0.041uF to 0.058uF and retuned to 6 turns from 7.  JavaTC suggests the right tuning is 5.7  turns, I'm guessing the difference of  6% is well within tolerance.

Now that the cap is "right" and the tuning is "right", the  SRSG now fires with the exact same settings as it did at 15/90.   No safety gaps firing though still only at 2/3 max on the variac due to running inside the garage.  (Figure the garage door opener is already toasted, may as well not worry about it.)   No Racing sparks.  No arcing from the primary to the secondary.

Have to get a better camera to capture the streamers.

Will move to 15/150 later and a full power run in the driveway.


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