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Re: [TCML] Sparks and neighborly fun

Why not attempt to dispel this myth rather than perpetuate it?

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. . . I live on a street that dead ends at a trailhead many people use on weekends to take day hikes in the Santa Cruz mountains. So on weekends there is a lot of foot traffic past the my house. I may have mentioned that last week I had several passers by and even the UPS man approach me in my driveway and challenge me about the coil - insisting they had uncovered my secret - that I was going to make "free energy" with my machine. To get these strangers to leave, I agreed with them wholeheartedly. The power and oil companies ruled society as we knew it. And that it was only us makers of "free energy" who were going to become the new rebellion that sweeps the globe.

That satisfied them. Though I think some of the hikers told other hikers, and that's why I had more than one group come and insist I was making "free energy," to which I absolutely agreed. . . .

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