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Re: [TCML] Sparks and neighborly fun

New dwp:     dave_p@xxxxxxxxxxx

> I live on a street that dead ends at a trailhead many people use on
> weekends to take day hikes in the Santa Cruz mountains.  So on
> weekends there is a lot of foot traffic past the my house. I may have
> mentioned that last week I had several passers by and even the UPS man
> approach me in my driveway and challenge me about the coil - insisting
> they had uncovered my secret - that I was going to make "free energy"
> with my machine.  To get these strangers to leave, I agreed with them
> wholeheartedly.  The power and oil companies ruled society as we knew
> it.  And that it was only us makers of "free energy" who were going to
> become the new rebellion that sweeps the globe.
> That satisfied them.  Though I think some of the hikers told other
> hikers, and that's why I had more than one group come and insist I was
> making "free energy", to which I absolutely agreed, figuring that with
> the persona of a typical SC Mountains nutcase, I could be left alone
> in my tie dye shirts and pony tail.  Don't have the pony tail yet. 
> Working on it.

   As the posesor pf a tiedye T Shirt (albeit mass produced), and a beard,
   if not a pony tail:
   Why not tell the facts:
    Its a Hobby.
    A Loud Flashy Hobby,
    Some people do Loud Bikes, some: loud cars,
    Some do Loud Music.

    Point the visitors to the madly spinning KWHR meter, and a web
    search on Tesla Coils, with disclaimer of choice that some
    web sites may be 'iffy'.


(Unrelated PS:
 On the highway today, saw a trailer mounted rig. roughly 6 by 8 by 8 (ft).
 Lotsa Louvers.  Big Label:

     5,000 KW Mobile Load

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